Търсят се младежи за одобрен проект в Германия. Проекта покрива храна и престоя и възстановява 70% от пътните разходи. Ако има заинтересовани, моля свържете се с нас.

Be ready for Peace
3-13 February 2015
Tecklenburg, Germany

The youth exchange will bring together 24 young people from different countries to use music as a tool to contribute in peace building movement. The project intends to make a music video clip for peace; the music will be voice for youth to support peace initiatives.

This will strengthening the capacity of young people to deal the potential conflicts but use Music-art and culture as a tool for stressing cultural values in order to build up inter-cultural dialogue, peace initiative and combat violence and racial harassment.

Since Music is a very influential instrument of communication, the participant’s creation of music and clip should be an attractive way of dealing with the issues of Conflict. On the other hand, knowing how to live under common roof in international community, tolerate, be integrate and to becoming responsible citizens and to actively contribute to civic life in their local societies.

The project will take a stand against discrimination, bullying, Violence and Racism.

The project includes various interesting methods Role and simulation games, presentation, working groups, discussions and reflation groups. The youth exchange mobilize young people to use Art, theatre, music , photography, short movies as a tool for stressing cultural values.

Intercultural Learning will support the youth mobility, their active participation in ERASMUS + and development common projects, participants will learn how to use the different possibilities of Erasmus + gives.

Each day one country group will be responsible to prepare breakfast, lunch and Dinner.

We have 6 persons per country.


The target group: 
Young people age group 18-25; 
Youth from different ethnic groups, immigrant and Diaspora youth ; 
Youth has not possibility to participate international activities and would like to get experience in Erasmus +
Youth are interesting to experience to live under common roof in different cultural group;
Youth would like be involved in workshops and will participate full duration of the project;

Participation Fee: Euro 30 (the money will be deducted from the travel cost)

Technical information: 
The lodging will be organized by hosting organization. You ll stay in multiply rooms. The participants will be dived into groups and will cook every day.

The travelling costs are covered for all the participants in the specific limits offered by Erasmus+ conditions
Bulgaria 170 Euro
Romania 170 Euro 
Turkey is 270 Euro


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