Младежки обмен в Айдън/Турция 08-14 февруари 2015

Здравейте, приятели!

Предлагаме младежки обмен “Share the Love” в Айдън/Турция, финансиран по новата програма Еразъм+.

Младежкият обмен ще бъде през периода 08-14 февруари 2015 и ще пътуват от България 6 младежи на възраст от 18 до 25 години + 1 ръководител без ограничение на възрастта.

Прилагам информация за проекта:
About us;

Grup KARDELEN is an informal group in Aydın/Turkey. Main aims of the group are: promoting co-operation and youth exchange, supporting European integration, domestic and foreign cultural and scientific co-operation with people and institutions, acting against unemployment among youth, projects for disadvantaged groups.
Our group involves in non-formal education activities in order to disseminate intercultural education, social inclusion and learning for learning.
Our mission is to work together for a better world. Through local and international projects and activities we aim to inform society about different issues- higher education, environment, tolerance, foster democracy, human rights, cross-border co-operation, mobility and European dimension in education.

Share the Love

Dates: 08th – 14th February 2015
Place: Aydın/Turkey
Work language: English 
Countries: Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania
Participants: 18 – 25 aged (only 1 over 25), 6 participants + 1 group leader (no age limit)

The project “Share the Love” is a youth exchanges project in Turkey. As a trans-national partnership, this 7-day exchange includes organizations from Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria with 22 participants .The exchange will take place between 08th February and 14th February 2015 in Aydın.
Project Summary
Youth exchange projects are done for bringing the groups of young people from different countries together and teaching them about each other's cultures. Our world and especially our geography needs peace and love more than ever. Young people who grown away from each other's cultures are an important issue for the future. One of the obstacles for European Union is the young people who have low social skills and the young people lack of cohesion with peers. And another problem for European Union is youth unemployment. Young people growing up in disadvantaged environments have difficulty being included in the community. In this Project 22 youngster 17-25 years old share the learning environment by working on olive tree and olive products in a short time. Youngster; will see a new learning environment; will strengthen the bonds between the labour market. They will also find chance to improve their basic skills and their culture. These young people just participating in international projects will make the study of the olive tree which is a symbol of peace. The project makes community involvement and European awareness. And it will help to come different cultures together. This symbol will open different horizons for young people come together in a limited time. All activities start with sport. It will give a good habit. They will walk to olive tree and gather olive, they will plant olive tree. they will find chance to do sport. This activities promote them healthy life and sportive life. This all activities are outdoor activities and help us to promote sport and health. The olive tree not only symbol of the peace but also an economic value. Olive is also the most important thing in Turkish breakfast. Olive is also one of the agricultural products are exported for Turkey. The olive is well known in European countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. But North Europe’s country doesn’t know the olive well. By the help of this project, olive oil and olive consumed less at the breakfast will be promoted in European countries. We use olive and olive trees to melt different culture in the same pot. They will plant olive tree, dance, make workshops, and gather olive, plant tree together. They will feel happy when they work together and they learn the taste of being work together.
There are some written rules which to control the society. On the other hand there are some unwritten ethical values and rules such as traditions, customs. All human beings are basically in favour brotherhood of love and peace. Both the European and Turkish people has lived the most painful ways in life and stuffed of the conflict in societies. All human being are against the conflict in societies. In our project we want to strengthen the brotherhood and peace between Turkey and Europe.

1-All the accomadation and food expenses will be covered 100% by hosting organization.
2-Travel costs will be covered maximum 170 euros which is calculated by distance calculator of European commission.
3-Participants have to arrive on 08th February (before 23:59) and to leave not before of day 14th February.
4-Please buy your tickets person by person, not as a group.
5- On each personal ticket has to be indicated the price, booking date, the name of traveler and the route
6- You have to give us Electronic Ticket and Boarding Pass for each route you travel.
7- If you buy it with your national currency, please be informed that we will calculate it in Euro by using the official Exchange WebSite of the European Commission OANDA: http://www.oanda.com/lang/it/currency/converter/
The exchange rate has to be at the date of your purchase.
8-If the NA transfers our fund before the exchange, %100 reimbursement will be done during the project, but if there is a delay about the fund from NA, the travel costs will be transferred through the bank after the exchange.
1-The nearest airport is: İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport(ADB)
2-There is a train station in the airport. If you arrive before the last train you can come by train. Otherwise we will pick you by car if you inform us about the arrival hour.
3-Please bring something traditional for the cultural night.
4-Please bring your own towels and comfort sport wears.
If you have any question, please contact us.

По проекта се поемат следните разходи:

-100 % от настаняване и храна;

-100% от транспортните разходи до лимита за транспорт от 170 евро.

Има административна такса участие, която е по 60 евро на участник.

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